International Exchange

Japan Sports Association (JASA) organizes various international exchange programs every year with Korea, China, Germany and other countries to promote Sports for All movement.

JASA forms *TAFISA-JAPAN with other 3 Sports for All organizations and cooperates in activities of The Association for International Sports for All (TAFISA).

*TAFISA-JAPAN is comprised of: JASA, Japan Health Promotion & Fitness Foundation, Sasakawa Sports Foundation (SSF) and National Recreation Association of Japan.

"Sports for All" is a universal language.

Study Tour Project for Leaders of Asian Youth Sports

JASA conducts junior sports leaders studying in neighboring countries in Asia in order to promote sports among youth in Asia, such as Training activities through introductions of the activities of Junior Sports Clubs, physical education and club activities as well as information exchanges among participants.

Current participating countries and regions are China, Korea, Hong Kong-China, Chinese Taipei, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Cambodia.

The Japan-Korea-China Junior Sports Exchange Meet

This Exchange Meet has been held since 1993 with high school athletes from Japan, Korea, and China competing in order to promote exchanges in sports with youth from neighboring countries and thereby deepen mutual understanding and enhance competitive abilities.

The meets are held in each country in succession. The first meet was held from August 25 to 30 in Fukushima Prefecture in Japan, the second in Jeju Do in Korea, and the third in Tangshan in China. Since then, the rotation has been continuing.

Japan-Korea Sports Exchange Program

Taking the joint hosting of the 2002 Soccer World Cup competition by Japan and Korea as an opportunity, sports exchanges between Japan and Korea began in 1997 through the efforts of the Japanese and Korean governments.

The purpose of the exchanges is to popularize and promote sports, and to enhance the competitiveness of athletes in both countries.

Currently, we conduct several sports exchange programs between Japan and Korea as follows:

Japan-Korea Youth Summer Sports Exchange Program
Japan-Korea Youth Winter Sports Exchange Program
Japan-Korea Sports Exchange Program (Adult)
Japan-Korea Regional Sports Exchange Promotion Program

Japan-China Sports Exchange Program

For the purpose of further strengthening of spread and development of sports, and sound upbringing of youth who have global view and quality in both countries, we JASA conduct the sports exchange program for wide age group participants from children to adult in cooperation with All-China Sports Federation.

Japan-Germany Junior Sports Club Simultaneous Exchange

Japan Junior Sports Club and German Junior Sports Club (Deutschen Sportjugend) have conducted simultaneous exchange program since 1974.

In this program each team composed of 125 leaders of clubs visits the partner country and participates in programs such as sports exchange and home staying in various areas of the country for 3 weeks.



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