Japan Junior Sports Clubs Association

The Japan Junior Sports Clubs Association (JJSA) is the Japan's largest youth sports group that was founded in 1962 by the Japan Sports Association (JASA). It was organized with the hope of "even just one more youth experiencing the joy of sports" and "an organization in society in which youth can cultivate their hearts, minds, and bodies through sports." About 210,000 leaders and 880,000 members who love sports are registered in the Japan Junior Sports Club Association.

Organization Outline

Organization Chart of JJSA
Field of Activities of JJSA

The Japan Junior Sports Club Association is developing activities that each has an independently autonomous will of its own.

Therefore, it has allocated various exchange experience activities in a wide range of fields necessary at the junior stage, such as outdoor activities and cultural learning activities rather than simply engaging in activities of only specified sports events.

Through Japan Junior Sports Club Association activities, solidarity and friendship with peers is fostered along with experiencing joy and fun, and it is expected that youth can further grow as members of society rich in humanity, cultivating a spirit of cooperation and creativity, etc., as part of that course.

Social Activities

The Japan Junior Sports Club Association is a group that is active in local communities. As a member of the local community, it engages in not only sports activities but also the following activities.



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