What is the Japan Sports Association (JASA) ?


Along with widely calling out to the nation in advocating the slogan "Sports for All!", the Japan Sports Association (JASA) is an organization that goes out to foster a sports environment and support the practice of enjoying safe sports activities.

Furthermore, as an organization that integrates national sports in Japan, it is also a group of corporations that promote special public interest, promoting enterprises aimed at realizing a sports society throughout life, from children to seniors.

The History of the Japan Sports Association

Taking advantage of participation in the Olympics, the Japan Sports Association was founded in July 1911 with Jigoro Kano as the first chairman. Not being confined simply to participation in the Olympics, it took on the roles of the "promotion of national sports" and "improvement of international competitive advantage" from its inception, and the National Sports Festival, first held soon after World War II in 1946, developed into Japan's largest national sports fest today. In 1962, it founded the Japan Junior Sports Clubs Association. It strives for the healthy upbringing of youth through sports.

Furthermore, the Tokyo Olympics were held in 1964. Heightened by taking advantage of this, it began to actively develop enterprises for national sports promotion in response to the nation's interest in sports.

Since then, it has been advancing a wide range of various enterprises such as cultivating sports leaders, promoting sports for life, international sports exchanges, research of sports medicine and science, etc.

In addition, the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) broke away from the organization of this association, becoming independent in 1989, and began to carry on the training of competitive athletes, forming and dispatching teams to the Olympic Games, etc.


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